new-style anti-semitism

A Kenyan lawyer, Dola Indidis, has filed a petition with the International Court of  Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, asking for the State of Israel to be put in trial for the execution of Jesus.

“Evidence today is on record in the bible, and you cannot discredit the bible,” Indidis told Kenyan Citizen News.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Mr Indidis is a former spokesman of the Kenyan judiciary, so he should know better.

As is often the case, he may find more worthy causes is his own backyard.

Unfortunately Kenya has a history of political violence and corruption, particularly since independence in 1963.

Kenya was recently ranked 147 out of 180 countries on a corruption index.

Political violence has been the cause of death of thousands of Kenyans, with hundreds of thousands displaced.

Billions of dollars have been stolen by corrupt leaders, politicians and business people – leaving much of the Kenyan population in poverty.

An estimated 50% of the population live below the poverty line, living on less than $2.00 per day.

Don’t worry so much about Jesus or Israel, and try to improve the plight of your own countrymen, women and children.


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