blatter blabber

Don’t get me wrong, I love sport, but…

Utterly corrupt FIFA president Sepp Blatter is trying to give Israel a lecture on freedom and espousing the soccer body’s lofty goal of connecting people, not separating them.

What a joke.

( Tell that to the millions of Brasilians living in poverty, while their Government wastes enormous amounts of money preparing to host Mondial 2014.  The Brasilian public will get no benefit from this event, nor any connecting. )

Blatter said he wants to speak to Israeli politicians about easing travel restrictions on Palestinian soccer players, so they can participate in matches.

I hope that the Israeli politicians refuse to meet with him.

Again, I love sport.  I really love sport, but…

Why should a few sportsmen be given preferential treatment over the rest of the Palestinian population?  If restrictions are eased for them, restrictions should be eased for all Palestinians.

However, restrictions should not be eased on anyone until the security of Israel’s citizens can be assured.  As long as Palestinians are calling for violence against Israel, and daily attempts are being made to enter Israel for violent aims, they should not be allowed easy access into Israel.  They have free access inside their own jurisdiction, they can play soccer there.


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