It is hard to believe that a man like Mohammed Dajani does not receive more publicity for his views, and has to struggle to fund his movement.

Have you ever heard of Wasatia?

Israeli’s has often complained that there is no partner for peace.  Well, there is.

Why hasn’t our peace-loving President reached out to him?  He certainly does not have any difficulty creating publicity for every tiny thing, nor does he have a problem raising funds for worthwhile projects,and some less worthy.

So why isn’t anybody supporting this guy?

It is absurd that a Palestinian pollster is asked about Wasatia in the Haaretz article, and this is his response:

“…The movement remains small, however. Palestinian political pollster Khalil Shikaki told Haaretz that he didn’t know about Wasatia, and didn’t think the time was ripe for small, independent parties to succeed…”

One would think that any time is a good time to give support to a voice of moderation and peace.


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