still no balance

80,000 Syrian civilians have been killed by Syrian Government forces since the uprising began in 2011.

In that time there have been only very few mild rebukes from the UN, EU, Arab League, Russia etc.  No UN resolutions, or emergency meetings, no boycotts.  The UN is not even able to offer a resolution calling for Assad to end the violence, due to a veto by Assad pals, Russia and China.

During that same period of time, condemnation of Israel continues, as do calls for boycotts and product labelling.

That Israel is under a real, daily threat of attack from various directions internally and externally, does not count for anything.

Recently The Sunday Telegraph newspaper published a piece by Ruth Sherlock, highlighting the fact that the Damascus elite go on with their lives as if nothing has happened – decadence and death inside Damascus city walls.

The article is a lovely story telling how these people can enjoy lavish celebrations while the bodies pile up outside and the revelers are protected by “…Bomb blast walls, erected around all public buildings…”

No calls for those walls to be taken down…

Barely a critical word in the whole piece, it has the tone of a children’s bedtime story.

Some Governments are given a free ride, yet when a singer announces a concert in Israel there is widespread condemnation and aggressive attacks on them to cancel their appearance.  These experts only display their own bias and ignorance of the reality of the situation in Israel.

But never let the truth get in the way of anti-Semitism.


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