bds activists missing in action, again

Just to prove further that BDS activism is pure anti-Semitism, and not true concern for the down trodden, not a word from BDS’ers or the good people of the world about the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh.

Last week, an 8 storey garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed.  So far there are over 400 dead, about 2,500 injured and many more escaped injury.

The garment industry has grown into an  USD$18 billion annual export industry for Bangladesh.  The average workers monthly pay is about  USD$38  per month.

About 60% of the exports go to the EU.

In the last 5 years over 700 people have also been killed in factory fires in Bangladesh.

No protests from the West, no calls for UN resolutions, no calls for changes.  As long as we can buy our cheap t-shirts, what do they care about a few dead workers.

Meanwhile, the EU moves ahead with discussions on labelling West Bank goods.

And the brave BDS advocates keep calling for action against Israel.  Shitheads.


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