how to get your partner fired

Fundawear is vibrating underwear that is activated via smartphone.

Sounds like fun.

But it also raises some troubling questions:

Imagine you are in the middle of your annual performance review in the bosses office and your better half dials up the fun.  An orgasm may or may not enhance your chances of a bonus or a promotion.  It may just get them fired instead of fired up.

Or you repeatedly buzz your partner while they are travelling on public transport.

Do the laws about using your smartphone when driving also apply to this, or will we see a huge increase in peak hour car accidents?  People will be exchanging insurance details in the throes of an orgasm, perhaps leading to an exchange of mobile numbers as well.

it will make for some very interesting reading in insurance claim forms, and on the positive side there will probably be many less claims for whiplash injuries.  ( That may happen in a later x-rated s&m upgraded version. )

And what happens if there is a crossed line and you buzz another persons fundawear – that could be awkward, especially if your called id is visible.

Or what happens if there is call waiting when you send your buzz to your loved one – does that mean they are being buzzed by someone else?


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