bumping cousins

Iceland is a country of just 300,000 people.

When the average high summer temperature is just 14 degrees celsius, and the average low winter temperature is -3 degrees celsius, and there is an average of 10 rainy days every month – there is very little reason to be outside.

The problem with indoor activities in such a small gene pool is the risk of swimming with a cousin.

The Book of Icelanders is a genealogy website with a special feature – “Bump the app before you bump in bed.”

Before they get naked, the amorous couple bump phones and if they are too closely related, the incest alarm will sound.  ( As an extra precaution, it can be arranged to have the Mothers burst out of the cupboard to make sure they don’t hit the snooze button on the alarm. )

One user commented:   “If I would have had this app last year,” he wrote, “I probably wouldn’t have gone home with my cousin.”

Wait a minute, did he say “probably“???


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