hacker olympics

Instead of having a cyber war, why not make it a cyber Olympics?

Hacking group Anonymous announced last week that they will launch a hacking operation intended to “erase Israel from the Internet” tonight, April 7 – probably not coincidentally, tonight we commemorate Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day.

Over the weekend, some pro-Israel hackers have fought back.

Only very few Israeli websites have been effected so far, sadly but not surprisingly, the Education Department is one that was hacked…

Why Anonymous choose to Israel as their target now, and using particularly vicious language in their announcements, is not clear.  Sure, Israel are the bad guys, right?

The virtual campaign is meant to protest Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians.

“…You have not stopped your endless human rights violations,” the Anonymous-affiliated organizers said in a post addressed to Israel’s government. “You have not stopped illegal settlements. You have not respected the cease-fire [ending Operation Pillar of Defense in November]. You have shown that you do not respect international law…”

Idiots.  Who has been firing missiles into southern Israel in the last few weeks?  And tell that to the more than 80,000 Syrian men, women and children citizens killed by the Syrian army in the past 2 years.  It must be nice to be Anonymous and brave, unilaterally deciding who the bad guys are and being judge and executioner.  It’s good to be king, right?

Lets ignore other world problems such as: child labor, child slavery and child soldiers, trafficking in women, starvation, poverty, despotic regimes, specific nuclear threats against nations, etc etc etc.

Perhaps the Jews are also responsible for those problems too.

Anyway, why not just put all the hackers together in a stadium and have a Hacker Olympics?  Then we will be able to see who is the Swiftest, Highest and Strongest.


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