electric shock

There is no need to mention again the never-ending wastefulness and mismanagement at the Israel Electric Corporation – a Government company.

And the employee benefits are extreme.

The politicians are complicit to it all, as they allow it to continue unabated.

In short, there is corrupt all over – the MK’s, Directors and management of the IEC, employees and labor unions of the IEC.

Despite all the corruption and rates increases, the Company still needs regular handouts from the Government to pay its bills.  So the consumer pays twice for electricity – in the bi-monthly bills and in tax.

So, in the coming weeks we will be hit with another price rise in the electricity rates – this time the increase is only by 10%…

Two things are disturbing here:

1  according to the article, electricity rates have increased 38% since August 2011.

2  in 2011, when cottage cheese went up by a few agorot, 400,000 concerned citizens took to the streets ( and tents ), but where are the voices now?

A few of the those activists are now new MK’s – we will see if they take any action, now that they are on the inside!


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