women of the wall

This story is worthy of media attention – and is a blight on Israeli democracy, making it look like an autocratic religious state.

Women of the Wall members are regularly being harassed and arrested by police, as they attempt to pray at the Western Wall.

It is important to note that these women are conducting their services in the women’s section and are in no way interfering with the men or their activities.

What a waste of police resources, as feeble as the local police force may be.  Surely there are parking infringement notices to write on illegally parked cars?

Today, 9 women were arrested after a combined service was held with some veterans of the Paratroop brigade who fought at the Wall in 1967.

In an act of bravery, the police stood and watched until the retired Paratroopers left – they then arrested the women as they were leaving the area.


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