slow news day for ruth

As you can see from a previous post, more needs to be done about the abhorrent racism of the Beitar Jerusalem football club fans.

But does this issue really warrant an article in an Australian newspaper by their Middle East correspondent?  Couldn’t more serious issues be found to report on?  Israel certainly does have more important things that need to be fixed.

I am not saying that the behavior of these fans, or of the club administration is in any way acceptable.   The leaders of the game in this country have shown over the years that they have no moral compass – a lack of morality amongst the leadership of the game here has helped the game falter.  So don’t expect any action to be taken by them.

Despite the sensitivity of the issue of racism in Israel – this is not a reflection of the wider society here, as some may want you to think.

Since the correspondent covers all the Middle East, you would think something more weighty could be dealt with.

Apparently more than 60,000 innocent civilians have been killed by Syrian government forces in the past 2 years.  Is that worthy of mention?

Maybe it is too difficult to report from Syria – it is much easier to sit in Tel Aviv and enjoy life finding easy local targets from a seat in a cafe of Dizengoff Street.  See another previous post on this subject.

Shareholders in the publisher of that newspaper would be interested to see how their money is being used, as they watch the value of their shareholdings fall month by month.


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