serve or leave

At last there is an idea that most Israeli’s will vote for.

Shas Spiritual Leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has suggested that his beloved Yeshiva students should leave Israel, rather than be drafted into the army.

Israeli’s will be lining up to help them pack their bags and drive them to the airport.

Of course, it will never happen.

They will never leave this welfare state they have built for themselves through extortion.  No other country in the world will give them all the subsidies and freebies they receive here.

That would lead to another problem.  If they leave Israel, they will weaken their own power base in Israel because their numbers will dwindle.  So the few remaining here will lose their benefits.

So it is just another case of scare-mongering by an old man who is way past his use-by date, trying to scare up votes for his party in the upcoming election.


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